About Me

About me

Creative writing has been a passion of mine for many years and my dream was always to become an author.  Studing creative writing and getting a diploma in creative writing and novel writing pushed me closer to achieve my dreams.  In 2017 it became a reality when my book BEHIND THE MASK was released in E-book format, which I am very proud of,  in 2018 my first toddler Afrikaans book MAMMA EN DIE SKOENE WAT NIE PAS came out.  I continue to strive to improve my writing and by doing so telling a story to the people (you) that purchase my books (which I am truly grateful for).  I bring my characters to life in thier own unique ways and have them deal with real life drama's like we do.  As part of the LGBTI+ community iI am proud of the work that I do and the stories I convey through my work, all I can say is do not be afraid of who you are and enjoy it!


If I can leave one thought with you is even if you do not have money to purchase any of my work, just help me grow as an author by spreading my work via word of mouth.

Love Neil